What Makes The Remote Scribe Company Stand Out

Is The Remote Scribe Company the best fit for your practice? Here’s why we—and our clients—think so: 

  • Built & operated by Doctors, for Doctors
  • All US-based scribes
  • Turn-key implementation
  • 100% virtual services 
  • End-to-end support
  • Highly Knowledgeable & Capable Scribes
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The Remote Scribe Company Difference

Rediscover the heart of medicine—your connection with patients. Our expert virtual scribes shoulder the paperwork, so you can focus on other needs.

Experience a Difference with One of Our Personal Remote Scribes

Our company founder, Dr. Jennifer Bacani McKenney, started using a virtual scribe over 10 years ago to combat the burden of administrative tasks, burnout, and lost revenue. Instead of handling these responsibilities on your own or hiring an in-house scribe, TRSC can help you enjoy more time outside of work.

Understanding the Role: What Does a Personal Remote Scribe Do?

A remote scribe makes your job more manageable. Without the burden of administration, doctors can get time back for themselves, their family, and their life outside of work. Scribes from The Remote Scribe Company will:

  • Join your appointments virtually and document them in real-time
  • Assist with messages and referrals
  • Schedule patient visits
  • Submit orders and request prescriptions
  • Reduce the turnaround time for billing


“I LOVE working with my scribe! She is quick, accurate, fun and just ‘gets it.’ I can focus on my patient instead of the EHR! So grateful to have the service. I just could not be happier than I am right now”

“I went from spending 3+ hours per day on charting to less than 30 minutes for review thanks to having a virtual medical scribe from The Remote Scribe Company.”

“Working with my remote scribe from The Remote Scribe Company has been life-changing! Patient care is incredibly efficient – documentation, specialty scripts, referrals, prior authorization requests, etc are completed same day. In addition, my quality of life has improved significantly – I have my evenings and weekends back with my family instead of working in the electronic medical record. My remote scribe is such a valuable part of our team and I greatly enjoy working with her!”

“I now spend about 1-2 minutes per note compared to spending hours after clinic charting. My scribe also helps with quality measures from our ACO by helping me to document all the work that I actually do and helping mine the chart for things that may be missed in my busy day as a Family Med doc. I am able to just look at my patients while I am talking to them instead of putting technology between us and that makes my job more fulfilling. My scribe is intelligent and can practically read my mind at this point. This service has literally changed my life!”

What Sets The Remote Scribe Company Apart

Use this Scribing Service Features Comparison Chart to ensure you get the services you want and need for the money.



Does the scribe service provide you with one dedicated/ personal scribe who is assigned as your scribe?

Does the scribe service hire and train your scribe specifically for you and your needs?

Does the scribe service provide you with two-way live audible communication between you and your scribe?

Does the scribe service provide 100% synchronous, live?

Does the scribe service use US based scribes?

Does the scribe service use assessments on Medical Terminology and EMR/EHR best practices in their prescreening/recruiting processes?

Does the scribe service require a minimum typing speed of 60 words per minute with 90% accuracy?

Does the scribe service provide a minimum scribe services of EMR documentation or does their scribes assist with other virtual administrative function such as initiating prescriptions/refills, send orders, patient summaries, messaging, review documentation, work anywhere in EMR research?

Does the scribe service aspire for your scribe to complete patient visit documentation by the end of the visit?

Does the scribe service request a minimum 6 month commitment of their scribes?

Does the scribe service include professional IT, software, hardware, and network support?

Does the scribe service have a Quality Assurance team which regularly assesses each scribe and engages you on your scribe’s performance?

Is your scribe service founded by and created by a practicing MD whose mission is to provide a scribe services she would want to pay for and use?

Is the scribe service simple and straightforward with no hidden or increasing fees?

Does the scribe service give you the freedom to adjust your scribes hours to fit your schedule and needs?

Does the scribe service offer you to interview your own scribe?

Does the scribe service not charge you when you’ve schedules vacation, travel, and conferences?

Is your matched personal scribe capable of doing more accurate HCC Coding?

Does the scribe service match a personal scribe with clinical experience with your EHR such as Cerner, Athenahealth, Epic, Practice Fusion, Meditech, Centricity, eClinicalWorks, NextGen, MEDENT, MEDITECH, PointClickCare, etc.?

Experience the Difference with The Remote Scribe Company

Our foundation is built on understanding, expertise, and a genuine desire to improve medical providers’ quality of life and enhance patient care. Discover the impact a medical scribe can make in your practice, and let us help you get back to the doctor-patient relationship you’ve been missing. Schedule a free consultation and experience for yourself why The Remote Scribe Company stands out from the rest.

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