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At The Remote Scribe Company, every task you complete, every detail you capture, contributes significantly to the patient experience. You’ll join appointments virtually and transcribe everything in real-time, giving you the opportunity to impact patient care like never before.

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Trying to decide between scribing in-person or joining a virtual team? Here’s why our scribes love working for TRSC:

What You’ll Need to Succeed at The Remote Scribe Company

We want to give our physicians quality support and we want to give you a great work experience! For both of those things to happen, you’ll need:

Ample typing speed and proficiency with technology is key.

You must have an excellent Internet connection to prevent delays or disruptions.

Acute attention to detail is the backbone of this role.

A genuine interest in medical terminology and patient care.

Be excited to experience something new and interesting everyday.

Clear, concise communication is vital, both for tasks and interacting with the medical team.

Three or more years experience with at least one EHR. Familiarity with multiple EHRs is a plus.

A Day in Your Life as a Remote Scribe

As a scribe with The Remote Scribe Company, your day kicks off with a prompt check-in with your carefully matched physician. Working remotely, you access our secure video conferencing tool, primed to document each patient consultation with precision and clarity.

Throughout your shift, your primary task is to ensure each medical record you craft is comprehensive and accurate, capturing essential details from the live interactions.

By the end of the day, a final review ensures every note is consistent with the patient’s medical history and the day’s discussions. This role goes beyond just scribing; it’s about supporting physicians to deliver the best patient care by handling the documentation efficiently and reliably.

Does This Sound Like a Good Fit?

For a remote medical scribe job that celebrates your skills and offers you the chance to make a real difference in patient care, join The Remote Scribe Company today. We’re looking for needles in the medical scribing haystack—come be your best with TRSC at the heart of healthcare.

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